“OpenRange Studioz, an International branding agency with speciality in brand consultancy, industrial design, interior design and retail environment design & build, is in communications business since 2004 to do one thing – GROW YOURS.
Together with our clients, we combine solid strategy with outstanding creativity to craft
inspirational brands. At OpenRange Studioz magic is real.

About Us

At OpenRange Studioz we blend science, expertise and creativity to empower your brand's reputation, promise, and actual performance. We are a “studio” team who deliver ‘life breathing’ brands, not just a presentation.


Too many organizations try to address complex, interrelated branding and marketing challenges with traditional, isolated 'solutions' that merely address one issue or sector at a time. Limited solutions that don't take account of their impact across the organization life-cycle or how they'll be seen by customers. That's just not how we see it. Your business is much more than the sum of its parts, and we believe that effective, measurable business solutions need to work across every part of your organization to serve your customers, and help you build a better business.


Being in the business for the last 13 years, we have built a solid reputation of ‘craftsmen at work’ with jeans and pencils at first brainstorming sessions with clients. Strategy is important, but doing it is prominent to the process we follow. Creative design out of scratch buckled with a turn-key-solution at the end-result; whether it is digital multimedia, prints, product design, packaging, or environment productions; position us with our clients’ track record as “the crazy dynamic responsive team that enjoys what they do, and those who are good at it”.







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What we do


From A to Z

OpenRange Studioz operates Business feasibility studies, business plans, brand foundation, brand revitalization, brand evolution, brand activation plans, corporate identity design, ID guidelines, brand manuals, product packaging, and all brand applications. We have developed an always growing interest in “what’s new?” in all industries related topics to our assigned jobs. We do projects in every category you can think of from tourism, manufacturing, retail, energy, entertainment, trans-automotive, cosmetics, FMCG and financial services. But, our clients do not choose to work with us because of our category experience. Clients choose us because we create brands that last.

Products industrial design

Great products.. Greater brands.

Our design team has years of product design and engineering experience that engages the whole process of the product creation and test phase, helping clients bring their physical product ideas to market. Specialized in FMCG and cosmetics businesses, we provide: Creation of unique, professional product packaging and graphics and manual documentation | Design sketching to explore potential concept solutions | Technical drawings in CAD drafts to better define concepts | Image ‘Beauty Renders’ of concepts that realistically depict the product and use all brand elements such as logos, labels, graphics, colors and other aesthetic elements | Finishing specifications that give a product its WOW factor | Creation of unique professional manual documentation

Interior design+build

We create interiors with identity, harmony and balance

ORS performs as interior design & construction entity offering personalized design and construction tailored to your budget. Our advantages: Professional interior design, fit-out and construction for office environment, boutiques, and retail | Image ‘3D Renders’ of concepts that realistically depict the product | Technical drawings in CAD customized to each project parameters | Personalized scheduling with transparent contracting | Excellent step-by-step project management from concept to completion | Ongoing client brief-communication to make your vision a reality | 10-plus years of design and construction experience

Retail environment

We help retailers to establish a distinct voice, personality and top-of-mind awareness

We create a unique process for each client to ensure that business objectives are met, success is achieved and customers are happy. It requires a keen intuition to architect a streamlined process, and that is something we proudly embrace by providing: Outlet floor plan & customer experience route | 3D visualizations for the whole retail environment | Technical drawings in CAD for construction process | Fit-out and furniture design and acquisition | Provision of livery, uniforms, and all retail applications needed to achieve sales | Merchandise display design and build, and front-window design and management


Every time we work on a brand we focus on four principles:


Our mind acts as filter to protect us from too much information. Being different is essential, we enhance brand focus to make it different.


CREATIVITY IS WHAT GIVES BRANDS THEIR TRACTION IN THE MARKETPLACE. Passionate Thinkers, Creative Doers is our unique selling point


Like building a Cathedral; building a brand is a collaborative work. Internally we build an integrated marketing team of the best-of-breeds specialists for a single job.


Validation means bringing the audience into the creative process. We exercise DISTINCTIVENESS, RELEVANCE, MEMORABILITY, EXTENDABILITY, and DEPTH OF MEANING onto every job.

How we work

The discovering phase

It is a diagnostic tool that helps companies evaluate how effectively they represent and deliver their brand strategy across all points of consumer contact. It’s the analysis of a brand’s verbal and visual communications, designed to assess the brand’s integrity, clarity and consistency. We examine every element of your brand identity – from signage, packaging, vehicles and POS to advertising, collateral, and web – to see how they support or conflict with your predetermined positioning strategies.

The planning phase

By defining your brand’s equity, positioning and personality in-line with the business & market needs, we enhance the theoretical part of brand making process with a solid and practical strategy to be realize your brand promise and be realized when execution comes ahead.

The doing phase

Bridging Logic to Magic is the hardest task in communications business; and it’s the benchmark that many companies fail to fully accomplish. At this phase, OpenRange provides the most comprehensive platform for brand owners to control and manage their marketing messages instantly, regardless of budget with all design and product content intact.

Great identities we have enjoyed making of

Clients we worked with

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